FAQ’s for Students

What is Latino Studies?

Latino Studies is a field in academia which studies the experiences of people of Latin American descent in the United States. Latino Studies is interdisciplinary, bringing together many disciplines including but not limited to history, political science, literature, gender, and sociology.

What is Latin American Studies?

Latin American Studies is an interdisciplinary field in academia which covers the histories, cultures, and peoples of Latin America. It is important to note the overlaps and close relationships between Latin American Studies, Latina/o Studies, Africana Studies, and Caribbean Studies, to name a few.

What is a Symposium?

A symposium, or academic conference, is an opportunity for researchers to get together, share their work, and discuss with other researchers, often before a public audience.  Presentations are often grouped into panels, or sub-groups of about five researchers, whose topics are related.  Most panels are hosted by a moderator. The moderator is usually also a researcher with knowledge of the specific theme, and their role is to introduce the presenters on the panel, and to help steer the flow of presentations, as well as to direct the open question/answer period which usually follows the presentation.


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